Swimrun is one of the most popular and fastest growing race series in the world right now. Combining endurance training with the adventure of trails and open water and a partner to complete the event, triathletes find swimrun events both challenging and fun.

Swimrun is still a relatively new sport, so we tapped 2x SwimRun Finisher and Team Podium Member, Abby Mowinski to help us navigate all of the questions a first-timer might encounter. Abby is no stranger to endurance sports. She has taken her competitive swimming background at Duke University and love for running to dominate the 70.3 scene.  When swimrun came to the east coast, it was a natural fit for Abby. She has completed both Swimrun North Carolina and SwimRun Georgia.

In this series of videos, Abby will guide you through the basics of swimrun, choosing a partner, gear, how to train, race day tips and more.

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What is Swimrun?

Who Should Sign up for a Swimrun Event?

How to Choose a Swimrun Partner

Swimrun Gear

Equipment Mentioned in this Video:

Orca Core Suit (made specifically for SwimRun) and accessories (for colder conditions)

Pull Buoy

Swim Paddles


Orca Speed Laces

How to Train for a Swimrun Event

Swimrun Nutrition & Hydration

Swimrun Race Weekend Tips

Why Swimrun is a Great Event for Triathletes