Whether you’re shopping for your first bike or upgrading to your fifth bike, the best investment you can possibly make is in a good bike fit.  It doesn’t matter if you are  looking for a fit on your existing bike so that you are as efficient as possible, or be purchasing a new bike, we take you through the same process. It is our job to carefully balance the art and science of your fit.

For most, if not all of us, education is an inherent part of your bike fit. This is where our biomechanical efficiencies or inefficiencies are typically brought to light, where art and science come into play. Our highly-educated and experienced bike fitters have spent years refining their craft and are committed to making sure you find your perfect bike fit.  We offer

  • Triathlon bike fittings
  • Time-trial bike fittings
  • Road bike fittings
  • Mountain bike fittings
  • Junior (18 and under)

Why You Should Invest in a Bike Fit

See why our custom bike fit process is the best

Bike Fit Packages

Podium GURU 2.0 Bike Fit

Utilizing Atlanta’s only Guru 2.0 bike fit technology, our team of Professional Bike Fitters combine the art and science of bike fitting to make sure each client finds his/her optimal bike position, including:

  • Assessment of your current bike fit (if already on a bike)
  • Brief biomechanical off-the-bike assessment
  • Cleat and Saddle Fitting
  • retrofitting of current bike to match new position -or- new bike recommendations
Podium Saddle or Cleat Fitting

Feel like you fit is spot-on, but would like to fine tune your touch points? We also offer professional Cleat and Saddle Fitting services. Our staff  will evaluate your current cleat or saddle placement and make recommendations based on your needs. When purchased in conjunction with a Saddle Fitting, your new saddle is returnable within 2 weeks if you find it uncomfortable once you’ve ridden outside.Additionally, Saddle Fittings include a 30-day follow up to evaluate your comfort, if needed.

30 minute Bike Consultation

Designed for those Cyclists and Triathletes who aren’t sure what to ask for, we offer a free Bike Consultation to help you find what you need to maximize performance and comfort. During your 30 minute consultation, you may bring in your current bike and discuss any issues you may have, such as recurring injuries, saddle pain or foot discomfort, and we’ll make recommendations and refer for appropriate services (i.e. bike fitting, saddle fit, cleat fit, PT, massage, coaching, etc.)

  • Matt made my bike fit a terrific experience… methodical and very precise, yet still relaxed and patient, easily explaining everything he was doing and breaking it down for a non-mechanical person like me. He explained differing philosophies on bike fit, what changes he was making, and gave me pointers on my riding technique. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable… I highly recommend him for a top bike fit!

Our Bike Fitters:

  • Matt Cole Founder & CEO of Podium Multisport, Atlanta Endurance Group, LLC And all3sports.com

    Matt grew up in Blue Ridge, GA and moved to Atlanta in 1999 to attend Georgia State University where he earned a B.S. in Kinesiology. He than decided to earn his MBA from Georgia State University- Robinson College of Business to support his entrepreneurial Spirit.