Abby Huggins Mowinski

    Age Group: 40-44
    Height: 5’8”
    Location: Atlanta, GA (Embry Hills: barely ITP)
    “Real Job”: Veterinarian; Adjunct Professor; Mom
    Multisport Background: collegiate swimmer (Duke) in the 90s; raced 2 triathlons in 2013, joined Team Podium in 2014 and have been racing in earnest since; favorite distance is Olympic

    Personal Bests/Top Results: Georgia Peach Women’s Sprint: 1st OA (2016, 2014), 2nd OA (2015); Richard B Russell Olympic: 2nd OA (2016, 2014), 3rd OA (2015); Chattanooga 70.3 2016: 3rd AG and ROKA 1st Out of the Water; Augusta 70.3 2016: 3rd AG and ROKA 1st Out of the Water; Rev3 Anderson Oly: 3rd OA (2014); West Point Lake Oly: 3rd OA (2016); Tri the Mountains Sprint: 3rd OA (2015); and numerous Masters OA

    Raleigh 70.3: Last Out of the Hospital award (2016)

    First Triathlon: was supposed to be IronGirl, but it was cancelled due to inclement weather (grumpy Abby); so it ended up being Tri to Beat Cancer sprint – took home a some pottery and was hooked
    Triathlete Inspirations: The folks who challenge themselves to exceed their perceived limitations – who learn to swim as adults so they can compete in a triathlon – and who train tirelessly, not for the goal of the podium, but be the very best version of themselves and cross that finish line with their arms in the air because they conquered that goal – SO AWESOME!!
    Favorite Race: Tri to Beat Cancer – love that this race stands for so much more than just an athletic event
    Favorite part of being on Team Podium: To me, triathlon IS Team Podium – it’s this incredible group of immensely kind, successful, talented, driven, fun, compassionate humans – who just happen to be triathletes as well.
    Post Race Meal: something salty with an Asheville beer – and a salt-rim qualifies as something salty; and even though I’m not much of a red meat eater, I always crave a big burger (with bacon) after my 70.3s