The Run Doesn’t Matter…Except When it Does

One thing I see and hear many triathletes doing is to “focus on their run” between triathlon seasons. Think about it – the run is the last event in a triathlon. And therefore, for many, the most [...]

Do You Really Have the Time to Train?

by Katie Aguilar Katie Aguilar has been a Team Podium Race team member and qualitifed for/raced Kona in 2017. She’s sharing bits of wisdom she’s learned along the way in a new blog [...]

Lessons from Triathlon – Get to Know Your Bike Mechanic!

by Katie Aguilar My first triathlon was In 2010. At first, it was a change from marathons, but somehow the magic caught me. I was ready to sign up for my first Ironman and committed to Team in [...]

Getting out of My Comfort Zone and Trying Something New – Team Podium Spotlight

by Karen Richardson, Team Podium Member Cyclocross is something I have wanted to try for years but I have always been too afraid. I’m not the most coordinated person, especially off-road. I tried [...]

3 Tips to Get Your Run Triathlon Run PR Next Season

 For some great advice on improving your running before you hit your big training blocks, we turned to George Darden, a coach with ITL Coaching and Performance. You can also find George on his [...]

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Your Triathlete

You want to find the perfect gift for the triathlete in your life but when they start using ‘tri-speak’ you start to think….’maybe a sweater instead’. To make [...]

Long Course Triathlon Options in the Southeast

Are you new to long course racing in 2018? Here is our very brief guide to long-course races in the Southeast! April 70.3 Florida, Haines City Florida (near Orlando). This race is drivable but [...]

Insider tips to Help You Qualify for the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon. It’s the holy grail for any endurance runner and a goal that many runners will chase season after season after season. Qualifying for Boston requires focus and a plan. We [...]

Off-Season Training – Using TRX for Strength Training

As we continue our series of articles geared toward triathletes in the off-season, we visited TRX Master Instructor, Katie Thompson to learn more about what TRX is and why you should consider [...]

Your Bike Needs a Little End of Season TLC

It happens. The season ends and you’re ready for a little break from your bike. Maybe you just finished your big race and you’re not ready to see a saddle for a few months or maybe [...]