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Bike Fittings

As a fit first studio, we always recommend that you start with a bike fit before we help you choose the right bike from our large selection of premium bike brands.  We believe the right bike fit will maximize your performance and enjoyment of whatever sporting endeavors you choose. Whether you’re getting on your first bike, you’re ready to convert to a new bike or it’s been awhile since your last fit, a good fit is an investment worth your time and money. Find out more about our fits here.

Bike Brands

We have worked hard to develop relationships with some of the best in the business. We only sell brands that we can stand behind. Stop by our store to see our selection of Cervélo, Parlee, Felt, Orbea, Quintana Roo, and Santa Cruz.

Bike Maintenance

Podium Multisport is a full-service bike shop. We can work on tri, road, mountain, and cross bikes.

Race Wheel Rental

If you have a race that you are looking to PR or you’re just wanting to try out race wheels to see if they make a difference, consider renting them for race day. We offer the latest high-end deep dish wheels from??? As options for race day rentals. Rentals are $210 for the week including all labor. We offer: Zipp 404’s, 808’s, Super-9 disc, Enve 6.7 with a G3 powertap hub, Reynolds 46’s with Powertap hub, Mavic CXR60’s (60mm deep), & CXR80’s (80mm)

If you purchase a set of race wheels from us within 12 months of your rental, we’ll return the rental cost to you.

Saddle Demo Program

Finding the right saddle can take time and we know that it’s frustrating to spend money on a saddle that doesn’t optimize your ride. We offer a saddle demo program that allows you test out a new saddle for up to two weeks before making a purchase.

Bike Apparel and Equipment

We’ve worked hard to curate the best brands in the business. We have personal relationships with all of our vendors and offer them feedback from our customers to make their products even better. We will only suggest a product that we can personally stand behind.