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Your time should be spent focused on your goals, not searching for equipment. We are here to help you get everything from the right nutrition to the right bike so that you can have your best season ever.


We only sell the bike brands that we personally stand behind. Our goal is to get you on the right bike for your budget and goals


Whether you need a tire change or an overhaul, our service center is here to make sure your bike is working perfectly


Triathlon can be a confusing sport. Our team of experts is here to answer all of your questions and help keep you updated on the latest products and gear


Purchasing a new bike can feel overwhelming. You are making a significant investment and you want to make sure the bike is right for you and your goals. At Podium Multisport, we focus on the athlete first. We focus on your training history,  injuries, and your unique body. Then we find the right bike for your budget and goals.

Watch the video below to find out more about why Sarah and Matt recommend a bike fit.


Be Confident that You are Investing in the Right Bike for You

What our Customers Say

  • “Matt is an absolute beast when it comes to fitting. Its like his 6th sense, he just knows what a optimal bike fit looks like, and well he would considering he does it several times a day… you could just hear his mind working. Matt has mastered the art of bicycle fitting, and I have been very pleased… This fit completely changed everything, I’m more powerful, efficient, and just feel my legs building more muscle and getting stronger in this biomechanically correct position.”

  • Matt made my bike fit a terrific experience… methodical and very precise, yet still relaxed and patient, easily explaining everything he was doing and breaking it down for a non-mechanical person like me. He explained differing philosophies on bike fit, what changes he was making, and gave me pointers on my riding technique. Matt is incredibly knowledgeable… I highly recommend him for a top bike fit!

  • Improved power and efficiency, comfort, and injury prevention. Sounds pretty awesome, right? This is what you can expect after a professional bike fit at Podium Multisport. And that bike fit should be on your "to do" list every year if you are an active cyclist and on your "must do" list if you are purchasing a new bike. Our bodies change and our goals change with each new year and our bikes need to optimize those adjustments in biomechanics. That is where the Podium bike fit comes in - hands down the most skilled and effective team around. I am always amazed how, each year, on the same original frame, my bike continues to evolve with me. Thank you, Matt Cole and the entire team at Podium Multisports for another exceptional bike fit!

    Abby Huggins Mowinski Team Podium
  • Riding a triathlon bike for the first time is a little intimidating.  Buying the best bike is more so. The people at Podium Multisport and its sister store All Three Sports make the process easy.  They have a huge selection of bikes for triathletes from entry level to genuine superbikes and everyone there really works to put you on the right bike.  When I bought my first bike, another store had recommended that only a custom bike would meet my needs.  Matt Cole, owner of Podium and All3 quickly put that thought to rest and suggested a bike that fit my needs and my budget. He was able to find the right bike because he is an expert at fitting bikes to people and people to bikes. Later, I moved up to a “superbike” and Matt helped with all the decisions; and my fit is so good that I’m more comfortable riding aero than I am sitting up on a road bike - which he also helped me buy and get the fit just right.  And, it's a continuing process.  If a problem develops, I just give the store a call, drop by and voila I’m back with a perfect fit again. I recommend both of these stores without reservation.  Atlanta is lucky to have two of the best triathlon specialty stores in the country owned by a caring owner and staffed with experts.

    Michael Warshauer
  • Matt Cole experience and Podium Multisport Bike Fitting technologies really helped me find the best riding position on my bike.
    We did the fit and then chose the bike that was fitting me at best, not vice-versa.
    I am very comfortable on any terrain and condition, not only my posture is perfect but my pedal stroke form and efficiency has improved,  Matt noticed that I was a high cadence cyclist and so it worked in order to make that a strength, We chose shorter cranks that  than those  equipping the bike  and so the pedal stroke is round and smooth and my hips are relaxed and not crunched, creating more comfort which turns in more speed.
    Tony Orru Podium Race Team

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